Giant Bean Bags Are Great For Both Home & Office

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How does a giant espresso color suede bean bag chair sound to you? It sounds relaxing to me, especially since I know these bean bags are very supportive. In fact, I just found out that they are actually touted to have medical benefits. Is that really true? They represent ergonomic furniture, and so they definitely have benefits. It actually surprised me because while I like them and think they are comfortable and look cool, I would have thought they were actually bad for you as far as posture and your body in general.

They’re good for you though evidently, and they really do look quite large and comfortable. The giant bean bags the companies used to make are nothing like the ones for sale online now. Another benefit of buying a giant bean bag is that they are considered to be eco-friendly. It may seem like a small contribution to the environment, but the trees used on furniture really do add up quickly.

Do you imagine that these bags are filled with beads. There are ones filled with all different things, but one I noticed was filled with memory foam that had been shredded. Now, think about how comfortable that sounds, too! Memory foam seems to be the preferred standard when it comes to these bean bags. Suede like the one mentioned earlier also seems to be one of the more popular exterior materials. Some of them are larger than others, and they are of course available in all kinds of different shapes.

You might definitely be thinking about buying these for your home. However, did you know that many people are buying them for the office, too? That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a tech company office in Silicon Valley either, although you can imagine you would find bean bag chairs there, too. Seriously though, offices are using them more and more. If nothing else, they would make great chairs for lounge areas. You don’t want employees getting too comfortable at their desks.

Not only are there all kinds of designs and sizes, but you can also order customized bean bags. That’s right, so if you didn’t know that, you might want to look into getting a custom giant bean bag instead of just a standard one. Of course those standard bean bags also look quite nice indeed, and you will certainly see them at all different prices, some of them a little on the expensive side. The prices still do not come close to what high end or even cheap furniture would cost you for that matter.

Don’t think that you’re necessarily going to be sitting too far off the ground or not be steady when necessary. There are giant bean bag chairs for all people, so they should be fine as long as you feel comfortable with sitting on them. When you look at more of the different designs, you’ll get a good idea as to what you would like best and of course how many of them you need as well.

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